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ARCAL™ offers a full range of high-quality, ready-to-use shielding gas solutions. ARCAL gases are used in arc welding, root shielding, plasma cutting, TIG welding and MIG/MAG welding. Our pure gases and gas mixes are also available in bulk mixing installations. With minimized oxidation and spatter rates, and lower defect rates, we make sure that our solutions always offer higher productivity and increased efficiency for you. ARCAL products offer guaranteed quality you can trust. Pure and stable, our gases and mixtures are compliant with ISO 14175 and AWS-A5.32 standards and are strictly prepared to reach the highest standards and packaged to be handled safely. Whichever product you choose, you will receive the high-quality shielding gas you need for the duration you need it. Whether mixed on-site or delivered in cylinders, your ARCAL product remains consistent wherever you are. Our state-of-the-art mixer provides consistent quality of the shielding gas mixture and delivers highly reliable performance without the use of moving parts or electrical power. In addition, no buffer tanks or analyzers are needed. High productivity and overall cost management is obtained by high welding speeds, excellent penetration profiles, extra low spattering and excellent pool appeal. ARCAL's high quality results are due to controlled impurity level, consistent and homogeneous mix and extra low humidity and oxygen levels particularly in plasma or TIG processes.

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