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Metal heat treat performance services

ALNAT™ PS is designed to help treat carbon or stainless alloys and non-ferrous alloys such as titanium, copper and nickel. The metal heat treat performance services of ALNAT PS include accurately and precisely measuring gas mix compositions and dew points and parts per million traces of specific impurities.


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Our team of heat treat specialists develop unique cost savings process improvements, including extensive furnace operation analysis, and generate cost savings strategies for improvement of current practices, set-ups and processes, as well as atmosphere modification and customized controls. Our highly skilled and industry-trained heat treatment specialists help you integrate these technologies into your existing manufacturing process with maximum efficiency.

Related Supply Modes

We will tailor a solution to your specific gas requirements, whether it needs an easy-to-install bulk tank or the high demand, high reliability of an onsite FLOXAL™ APSA Nitrogen generator or FLOXAL™ HYOS hydrogen generator.

Related Equipment

We offer a range of industrial and specialty gas handling equipment to support heat treat applications, including helium leak detectors, thermal conductivity gas analyzers, infrared gas analyzers, and our iDatal™ wireless monitoring system.

Related services

We offer a range of services as part of the ALNAT solution, including:

  • Vacuum furnace helium dry leak detector services
  • RGA portable mass spec analysis
  • Safety and reliability seminars for gas handling, usage and storage
  • Pre-audit assistance for certification programs related to Nadcap and MILSPEC
  • Continuous dew point monitoring system
  • Furnace/process audits: RGA & helium leak ALNAT sampler
  • Atmosphere optimization
  • Best practices and safety seminars
  • Atmosphere analysis and control
  • Process and gas monitoring and reporting.