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Air Liquide’s over-the-fence high pressure gas quenching supply solution

Air Liquide provides high pressure atmosphere as part of its total gas supply package in order to minimize capital and space requirements of gas compression equipment.  The ALNAT™ HP solution for heat treat applications includes over-the-fence high pressure gas supply, without expensive cryopumps, as well as on-site optimization and efficiency programs.

The benefits of the ALNAT HP supply solution include low maintenance costs, reduced capital requirements, lower operating costs and improved core hardness without distortion.

ALNAT HP directly supplies nitrogen to the high pressure buffer tank at the pressure, flow rate and quality required. Safety procedures are adapted to your operations. The ALNAT HP solution can be customized depending on buffer sizing, pressure and flow requirements. 


  • Argon and nitrogen gas delivered at pressures up to 400 psi
  • Patented helium / carbon dioxide quench mixes
  • Eliminates need for gas compressor
  • Flexible operation

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Applications for the ALNAT HP include:

  • Low pressure carburizing technologies
  • Vacuum treatments with high pressure gas quenching
  • Powder metal atomization processes


Related Gases

As part of the ALNAT solution, Air Liquide supplies gases for heat treatment applications via bulk deliveries and/or on-site production. 

Related Services

We offer a range of services as part of the ALNAT solution, including:

  • Furnace/process audits (RGA & helium leak ALNAT sampler)
  • Atmosphere optimization
  • Best practices and safety seminars 
  • Atmosphere analysis and control
  • Process and gas monitoring and reporting