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Deep Cryogenic Treatment for longer use life of tools and components

Air Liquide’s ALNAT™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT) solution allows you to treat components by exposing them to temperatures below -150℃. The components are held in a vacuum insulated chamber that is cooled below -300°F (-184℃) by vaporizing liquid nitrogen in a heat exchanger.

Unlike cold treating, this process follows temperature versus time profiles specific to the material being treated. The temperature versus time cycle inside the chamber is programmed according to precise recipes based on your needs using a microprocessor-based controller interface. The numerically controlled, vacuum-insulated cryogenic processor eliminates the possibility of cold-shocking the components by generating a homogeneously cold gas atmosphere throughout the chamber. Heating elements within the cryo-processor technology provide a means of bringing the load back to or above room temperature by adding a tempering cycle.

Our DCT solution affects the entire volume of the component being treated, so re-treating is not necessary when components wear or are sharpened.

 Target benefits of Air Liquide’s ALNAT DCT include increased resistance to wear, abrasion, pitting and spalling while reducing residual stress for a longer use life. 

Related Gases

Supply Mode

As part of the ALNAT DCT solution, Air Liquide supplies gases for cryogenic treatment applications via bulk deliveries and/or on-site production.

Related Equipment

Air Liquide offers related equipment such as cryo-processors as part of the turnkey ALNAT DCT solution.