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Metals, primarily steels, make up our trains, planes and automobiles. Before being used, they must be transformed through cutting, welding, or forming. A critical step in this transformation is heat treatment. Air Liquide’s ALNAT™ range of comprehensive metal heat treatment solutions significantly enhance the metallurgical and/or mechanical properties of materials and components. At the other end of the spectrum, Air Liquide offers a deep cryogenic treatment solution to increase the resistance of tools and components to wear, abrasion, pitting and spalling. Our ALNAT™ supply solutions will help you ensure a controlled atmosphere in terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability. The ALNAT™ solutions include bulk gas supply, related gas handling equipment, and a range of services related to the generation, use and control of atmospheres in industrial heat processing furnaces. We provide process and safety audits to optimize the use of heat treatment furnaces and assist in troubleshooting. Additionally, we train heat treatment personnel to ensure safe, smooth and efficient processes. Our services include furnace and process audits with our RGA & Helium Leak ALNAT™ sampler. In addition our team of experts provide atmosphere analysis and control services for atmosphere optimization, process and gas monitoring and reporting, and best practices and safety seminars for our products.