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ALIGAL™ FZ Tunnel Freezer

Freeze a wide range of foods

Air Liquide's total ALIGAL™ solution for cryogenic freezing includes the ALIGAL FZ freezing tunnel. Using either nitrogen or carbon dioxide as a freezing agent, the ALIGAL FZ can freeze a wide range of foods including baked goods, seafood, beef and poultry products, as well as ready-to-eat frozen meals like pizza and other dishes. Designed by Air Liquide in the U.S. to set a new standard in hygienic design and ease of sanitation, the ALIGAL FZ also meets needs for increased productivity, versatility and ease of operation. Its high-tech, innovative design is backed by first class customer support from Air Liquide's food industry and food safety experts.


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ALIGAL FZ highlights:

  • First tunnel freezer certified under the USDA Dairy, Meat & Poultry Program to meet 2010 NSF hygiene requirements
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Superior performance and cryogen efficiency
  • Operates with FSSC 22000 carbon dioxide or nitrogen
USDA approved
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Compact design yields large freezing zone while minimizing floor space requirements
  • Quick and easy installation

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With the ALIGAL FZ, you may use either nitrogen or carbon dioxide as a freezing agent.

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In addition to the ALIGAL FZ tunnel freezer, Air Liquide offers other cryogenic freezer options. We also provide specially suited regulators, changeover manifolds, gas detection monitors and other miscellaneous gas handling equipment.

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Air Liquide offers product testing and freezing optimization services to help ensure the best possible results for any food product. We also provide installation and start-up support, including on-site personnel training to help ensure safe and proper use of ALIGAL products.