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Albee Weld

ALbee™ Weld

Portable gas solution for craftsmen and light professionals

The ALbee™ Weld range of portable cylinders have been developed with plumbers, construction industry workers, auto repairers, mechanics and other arc-welding professionals in mind, aiming to facilitate your daily work.

Designed for greater efficiency and ease of use, ALbee™ Weld offers you new levels of comfort, efficiency and practicality, be it for MIG welding aluminum, TIG welding stainless steel or any other arc-welding application.


ALbee™ Weld for Arc Welding (Ar|Ar/CO2 mix) is an easy to use solution for professionals in plumbing, construction, auto repair, steel and aluminum welding, and hobby work. ALbee™ Weld comes in two varieties, an Ar/CO2 mixture with 85% argon and a pure argon option, both designed to reduce fumes and create a better weld without excess penetration. ALbee™ Weld is available in 5L and 2900 psi, with up to 1 ½ hours of welding time and can be found at our convenient self-serve kiosks!

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