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High-purity air

Air pure gas from Air Liquide has low trace impurities that improve the reliability of your analytical results and extend the service life of your lab instruments and detectors. Many grades of air pure gas are available. ALPHAGAZ™ 1 and ALPHAGAZ 2 are the premier grades used in research and analysis, and work perfectly in applications such as flame gas (GC, FID, AAS, THC, FPD), process gas (LCMS and NMR), purge gas (FTIR) and zero gas (FTIR).

Air Liquide also offers Acid Rain CEM Zero Air for environmental Part 60 and Part 75 applications. 72.2 Certified ZAM air is specifically engineered to meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of condition (1) of 40 CFR Part 72.2 requirements for Acid Rain CEMS reporting. It is Air Liquide-certified not to contain concentrations of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitric oxide (NOx) or total hydrocarbons (THC) above 0.1 part per million, a concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) above 1 parts per million, or a concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) above 400 parts per million.

Also offered is Part 86 Vehicle Emissions Zero Air designed with 99.997% purity to meet Title 40 part 86 and Euro 6 Raw regulations in the automotive industry. In addition, Part 1065 Air is available to meet Title 40 part 1065.750 and Euro 6 Dilute regulations. Other grades include Bar 97, VOC-Free and UZAM.

Finally, air is engineered for use as a balance gas in many Scott™ brand gas mixtures including two-component, three-component and multi-component gas mixtures for numerous applications.  

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Air Pure Gas Grades

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages air pure gases and gas mixtures in an air balance in a variety of high-pressure cylinders, including stainless steel, aluminum and nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportable cylinders, depending on the grade and concentration desired as well as your application.

Related Equipment

Air Liquide manufactures gas handling equipment designed to deliver specialty pure air and gas mixtures with air safely to your point of use, including gas pressure regulators and single-staton gas manifolds.