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Air Liquide in the value chain

Engine emissions testing

Air Liquide manufactures pure air and nitrogen, as well as Scott™ brand specialty calibration gases designed specifically for emissions testing of jet engines that keep you in compliance with EPA and ICAO guidelines. Gases can be supplied in bulk or in compressed gas cylinders.


Equipment for specialty gases




Why choose us?

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    High quality gas solutions

    Our gases are compatible with new lightweight composite materials used in the fabrication of components and the upkeep of aircraft.

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    Air Liquide gas solutions are reliable, reproducible and in compliance with stringent and ever-evolving regulations.

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    World-class expertise

    As a global company with an international network of experts that specialize in heat treatment, welding and curing, Air Liquide is ready to support your development and innovation.

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    Sustainable solutions

    We are deeply committed to sustainable development. Our solutions for the aeronautics industry have been developed with the environment and regulatory compliance at top of mind.