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High-purity acetylene

Air Liquide manufactures pure acetylene gas for use in a variety of applications. Acetylene is a standard fuel gas used in conjunction with oxygen for welding metals and cutting steel, and for allied oxy-acetylene processes for heating, forming and treating metals. Air Liquide also offers ALPHAGAZ™ 1 acetylene with 99.6% purity for use as an instrument gas in Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with flame (AAS). In addition, Air Liquide manufactures Scott™  brand acetylene gas mixtures in nonreturnable Mini-Mix™ Transportable cylinders for industrial hygiene and safety and laboratory applications.

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Acetylene Pure Gas Grades

Related Supply Modes

Air Liquide packages pure acetylene gases in low-pressure cylinders. Scott brand acetylene gas mixtures are available in nonreturnable Mini-Mix Transportables, depending on the grade of pure gas or composition of the gas mixture and your application.

Related Equipment for Specialty Gases

Air Liquide manufactures gas handling equipment to deliver pure acetylene gas and gas mixtures safely to your point of use, including gas pressure regulators.